My Experience with Bumble BFF- Making Friends in a New City!

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Today, I’m going to write about how I went COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone last summer with Bumble BFF. Here’s a short disclaimer, I had the app downloaded on my phone for weeks before I actually had the courage to use it which was normal for me.  I’m a pretty cautious and vigilant person so the idea of meeting someone online creeped me out. However, after several weekends spent bored out of my mind, I turned to Bumble BFF to help me make more friends. Before I get into my experience, here is a little background story:

During my fall semester of junior/senior year college, I was offered an internship with AT&T. From there, I was given the option of relocating to several different cool cities. My first choice was California; however, the recruiter told me that it wasn’t possible because most schools there operate on a quarter system so the timeline would be off. I had already interned in Atlanta one summer so I didn’t want to do that again. So from here, I decided to move to the windy city of Chicago! During the months leading up to move, I regretted it almost EVERYDAY.. like why are you moving so far away from everything you know and love especially without knowing a soul there! I literally had to talk myself out of these thoughts almost everyday.

When I got to Chicago, I was literally all alone for a week or so as I waited for my roommates to arrive. Luckily, I become super close friends with one of my roommates (S/O to you Rachel, Besties for Life!) However, she had a super fun internship and hung out with her fellow interns a lot. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an option for me because all of people I interned with lived in the suburbs of Chicago. I am a very social person so I was miserable!

I learned about the Bumble BFF App through one of my friends. I was so hesitant to downloaded and even more hesitant to start using it. Finally, I got the courage to use it. Bumble BFF is set up just like Tinder. You swipe right on people you’d consider making friends with, and you swipe left on those who you wouldn’t. You were instantly matched when you and another person both swiped right on each other’s profile, and then you’re given 24 hours to message the person.


Here are FIVE things I Learned from my Experience with Bumble BFF:

  1. Setting up Your Bumble BFF Profile is Stressful!

Guys, setting up your profile can be a challenge! This has nothing to do with the user interface of the application, but the simple fact that you are being judged based on a few pictures and bio! Of course, you want to choose the best pictures of yourself that really show your personality. My advice for this is to choose photos that show you in different lights. For example, a cute selfie, a photo while traveling, and then a photo doing something that you love!

2. You won’t meet up with everyone you match with!

Just because you match with someone doesn’t mean that you’ll ever end up meeting up. Of all of the people I matched with, I only met up with two people from the app! This is simply because conflicting schedules and plans that fall through. So remember, quality over quantity! There’s no reason to hang out with everyone you meet if you are able to forge quality friendships from one or two people.

3. It’s better to meet in a public setting.

For your first meet-up, I definitely recommend meeting in a restaurant or bar for obvious reasons! Not only is it more safe, but it’s definitely better to bond over food and drinks. Meeting at someone’s house can lead to awkward conversations, and it can be an invasion of privacy.

4. Bumble BFF has helped me meet more friends!

So basically after meeting my first Bumble BFF, I ended up meeting her Bumble BFF, and we became entangled in a huge BFF web. Now, I have even more friends in the city because I’ve met so many friends of friends. For me, Bumble BFF has been a great way for me to meet new people in a city where I started off not knowing a soul. I’m not sure how my life would be in the city without Bumble BFF!

My first ever Bumble BFF, Emmy

(The glow up has been real!)

5. Overall, I had a good experience!

For me, my Bumble BFF experience was pretty positive! I made some really good friends who have the same interests as me. Even after I moved back to Alabama to finish up my last semester of college during the Fall of 2017, we still talked occasionally, and we picked back up right where we left off when I moved back to Chicago that winter! We’re actually celebrating one year of friendship this summer!

Just because I had a good experience with the app, it doesn’t mean that everyone will. Definitely be sure to take the good with the bad when it comes to meeting new friends, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If you prefer more organic connections, join a workout class or another activity in the city to meet new people. There are TONS of ways to make friends as long as you just put yourself out there.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any questions or advice!





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