5 Tips to Get you Through your First Full-Time Job!

Hi everyone!

So today I am writing about something that I struggle with – Being a young professional. In today’s society, there is so much pressure to perform well, and I feel like being young only adds to this! It can be overwhelming at times especially when you are fresh out of college and moving into a new career. You meet so many new people at once and have to learn so many new things. For me, it was somewhat difficult to transition into the professional world. Long gone were the days that I could go to class then head home to cuddle and nap with my puppy for hours before attempting schoolwork. Also, there were no more beloved Wine Wednesdays or random nights with friends. Now, I’m required to sit in an office for 8 hours a day, and the worst part… THERE ARE NO NAPS!

During my first month of working, I was literally exhausted every single day. I found myself not doing something of the things that I loved like working out and writing for my blog. I decided that this was just not okay. I had to find my balance between going to work and still living my BEST life. As you know, I travel Monday through Thursdays for work. When I’m at my client site, I typically go to the office, head to my hotel, order Grubhub, and hit the gym. I have now made it my goal to start exploring whatever city I am in at the time, no matter how tired I am.

As I have been navigating through the professional world, there have been five major things that I have learned to keep me sane:

  1. SLEEP.

I know you have a pressing deadline, but don’t forget to get some sleep in. If you are well-rested, you are able to perform at your highest level and complete your best work. So please take some time to rest! No matter what assignment or task you are working on, close your laptop, close your eyes, and rest for a moment. Lack of sleep can become a vicious cycle that leaves you constantly lethargic and doesn’t allow you to perform at your best.

2. Find your routine.

Plan out your daily schedule so that you can establish your routine and stick to it. Since I’m away from home during the week for work, I like to go to the office, have dinner, and then workout. When I first started traveling, I was going to team dinners every night, but I was too tired to work out afterwards. Now, I skip team dinners occasionally so that I can workout instead. When you first start out with your new career, it might be difficult to find your daily routine. There are only so many hours in a day so you have to figure what your priorities are. Do you want to meal prep at the beginning of the week? Or Would you rather cook every night? What about the gym? Plan and execute!

3. Make time for what you love.

This one is SO important! Don’t forget to do what you love. I know that work can be exhausting, but never give up those things that’s you truly love. We all have passions and hobbies, and it’s important to continue fueling those passions. We shouldn’t let those die as we move into our careers .

4. The weekend is YOURS.

When the weekend comes around, plan some time with friends or family, and release the stress of work. I live this statement to the FULLEST. The weekends are mine. It’s my time to focus on me, eat good food, and be surrounded by my friends. When I close my laptop on Friday afternoon, I don’t think about anything work related until I wake up on Monday morning. I make sure that I have thoroughly completed any tasks so I don’t have anything lingering over my head while I am out having fun.

5. Remember, tough times never last.

If you’re having a difficult time adjusting to your current role, remember that tough times never last. Don’t let your current situation have a profound impact on your well-being. Whether it’s a difficult manager to work with, tedious work, or long hours, it won’t last forever. We have our entire lives ahead of us. We are young, and time is on our side. Continue to refine your skill set in your current position and just know that there are much better days ahead.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have so please reach out if there’s anything you need!


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