My Unpopular Opinion
– Do the Things you Aren’t Passionate About

I know this title might sound crazy, but please hear me out.. one thing that I have been learning a lot lately is that we should do the things that we AREN’T passionate about. Yes, contrary to everything you’ve ever been told by your friends, family, and teachers is exactly what you should do. There are several reasons why I think that doing things you don’t exactly love are important for us. I’ll start with my own personal experience.

In college, I started off as a nursing major, and I just KNEW that I would graduate, become a nurse, and eventually become a nurse anesthetist. I took chemistry classes, human development, food and nutrition, and I performed fairly well in these classes. I researched, I planned, and I mapped out exactly how my life would be. You could not tell me any different, I was going into the medical field, and I was going to LOVE it. But here I am, 5 years later, a technology consultant for a big four accounting firm which is a very stark contrast from where I started. So how did I get to this point? I definitely didn’t wake up one morning and decide that nursing wasn’t for me. It was more so the little signs and internal conflict that I was having almost daily. If I had never realized that I was not passionate about nursing, I would not be in the career field I am in today. I would have never discovered my love for technology, problem- solving, or teaming.

Even after changing my major from Nursing to Management Information Systems, I spent COUNTLESS hours in the library creating programs and games. I learned multiple programming languages and used different frameworks. It was difficult at times, but from this , I learned that I had no interest in being a developer. I was a communicator, problem-solver, and strategist. BUT, if I had not spent those late nights in the library coding, I would have never known that I enjoyed the consulting side of technology more. I would have never discovered what I was actually good at.

So that’s why I think we should do the things we aren’t passionate about. If we avoid everything we aren’t passionate about, how will we find what we truly care about? In order to grow and learn who we truly are, we need to spend time doing things that we don’t want to do. We need to spend time in uncomfortable roles and positions. We need to do the things that we aren’t necessarily good at.

When we are stuck in those moments of uncertainty and we have a yearning for change, those are the moments when we are discovering our passion. I have learned to value these moments and use them as a catalyst!


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