How to Write the PERFECT Resume + Receive Feedback on your Resume

Okay guys, let’s get down to business and talk resumes! A resume can make or break you in a job search. It’s literally your first impression for most recruiters and without the right content, yours won’t stand out. I want to help everyone create the best resume possible so that we can all land those dream jobs that we want so badly!

Here is my resume that landed me a job with a BIG FOUR Accounting Firm:

I have been told that my resume is more detailed than those of experience hires. To get your resume to look its best, read the following tips below! Also, subscribe to my email list for details on how to get a free resume review!

1. Keep it SIMPLE.
When recruiters are sifting through resumes, they want to get straight to the point. If your resume is cluttered and hard to read, chances are they will miss out on valuable information.

2. Use POWER words.
This is important. I remember having someone read over resume, and it was the number one thing they pointed out. For example, instead of saying “Worked with a team” use the word “Collaborated with a team.” In my opinion, this shows that you engaged and communicated with a group people better than just saying work.

This one is pretty straightforward. When writing your resume, make sure that all of your verbs are in the same tense.

4. Keep it at ONE PAGE.
When writing you resume, limit it to one page. Remember, recruiters want to get straight to the point. Your info should be easily accessible.

5. Start with your MOST RECENT position first.
List out your most recent position first. When you look at my resume, you can see my growth and acquisition of new skills because my most recent position is listed at the top of my resume. This is the position that I want to highlight the most because it the most accurate representation of my current skill set.

6. Explain WHAT you did, HOW you did, and WHY you did it.
Yeah, it’s nice that you helped researched new ways to complete a task, but why did you do it? How did it help? What skills did you use?
In each bullet on my resume, I like to list what I did, but I also try to show the value in what I did.

7. Include your SOCIAL MEDIA.
So this one may have thrown you for a loop because social media has a negative connotation these days. However, if you have a LinkedIn(which I recommend creating), it can be a great way to connect with recruiters. Also, share articles and engage with your LinkedIn followers to add a personal touch.

8. Only include RELEVANT information.
It’s okay to have one resume, but what’s even better is to create a set of dynamic resumes. Each job you apply for won’t be the same. I like to tailor my resume for different industries and positions.
One trick I’ve learned is to pull verbs from the original job posting and include those in your resume. Try it out!

9. TABLES are your friend. I learned this the hard way. After trying over and over again to get my resume formatted correctly, I was told to create a table to put my info in, and it made my life 100x easier! Creating a table will help you lay out your resume, and ensure that things line up smoothly.

10. PRACTICE walking through your resume. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve walked in an interview and have been asked to walk through my resume. For this very reason, I advise you to practice reading through your resume. You should be able to talk through each position that you have listed on your resume. I always highlight that my resume shows my growth over the years and the expansion of my skill set.

Now you’re one step closer to the perfect resume! Like I mentioned earlier, subscribe to my email list for details on how to get a free resume review!


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