What is Consulting?

Most times when I tell people that I’m a technology consultant, I am met with a blank stare and a quick head nod. Similarly, when I mentioned that I majored in MIS, I get the same reaction. When I got to college, I honestly had never heard of MIS either! MIS is short for Management Information Systems and it’s essentially where business meets technology. The field encompasses many aspects of both business and technology. With an MIS degree,  there are several career paths you can choose from. 

For me, I knew that I wanted to take the consulting route when it came to my career because I wanted to be client facing, travel, and work with different companies. 


There are many different types of consultants! There are management consultants, financial consultants, operations consultants… you name it, it exists!

Most consultants serve as an external resource and are brought into a company to help identify and find a solution for a business problem.

Overview:  Consultants offer an outside, objective view to help organizations spot problems or better performance.
Where they work:  Consulting jobs exist in every industry, but some of the most common include BusinessEducationHealthcare, and IT.
What makes a good consultant?
  • Industry experience or expertise in a specific field.
  • Experience giving presentations, solving difficult problems, and navigating office politics.
  • The ability and comfort to take on temporary assignments that could last weeks, months, or years.


As a technology consultant, I travel throughout the United States to help businesses implement technology into their current processes to either refine or improve their current strategies. 

Like I mentioned before, I always knew that I wanted to be a consultant. I feel like as a consultant you receive much more experience as opposed to going straight into the information technology industry. You get to work with external clients and learn about different businesses and companies. 

After interning as a project manager over the past summer, I did not want to pigeon- hole myself into Information Technology, and I would eventually like to be in a leadership position within a company.

I also knew that I want to travel for a while right out of college. I love changing my environment, and my previous position had no travel which was a deal breaker for me. Personally, I did not want to be working in the same office, every single day! However, if you like routine, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! It’s all about finding the best fit for YOU!

If any of you have any questions about consulting or careers in general, please feel to reach out to me at Asclark2@crimson.ua.edu!





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