5 Myths About Majoring In Tech


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 9.54.23 AM.pngOne of the biggest fallacies about majoring in technology is that your are confined to a computer at all times. When in fact, there are so many different roles that you different roles that you can assume. For example, as a consultant, I spend most of my time collaborating with my team in clients. Although I do get technical, I am also able to use my soft skills.screen-shot-2018-02-27-at-9-43-41-am-e1519746377444.png

Guys, if I can learn to code, almost anyone can learn to code. I went into my program with no coding experience besides creating MySpace layouts(in the GOOD days). I worked hard and tirelessly in my classes to master different concepts. If it meant working to 4am, I would do that. Not to scare anyone, but there is always a solution when you’re coding! Also, I am terrible at math, and I was still able to make it out!

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This just might be the inner nerd in me, but it is SO exhilarating when you finally get the code that you’ve been working on all night to finally work. I’m talking about the nights when there are 20 errors just lingering in the status bar. It is so fulfilling and worthwhile. Although I may doubt myself in the moment, it has definitely made me a better problem solver. I’ve also become friends with some really great people after a night of coding.

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As new technologies are constantly being created, the need for computer scientists and technologists are at an all time high. And guess what? Us women are capable of coding just like anyone one else. If you don’t want to code, then there are opportunities for project managers, business analyst, and consultants. For me, I know that I value human interaction so consulting is a PERFECT fit for me. I get to learn new tech skills while working on a team of 8. 

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I can agree that technology can be intimidating especially with the introduction of new technologies like Blockchain and AI(artificial intelligence). However, now is the time to become familiar with these technologies as they will take over how we live. Start small and learn the basics. There are tons of articles that you can research online to introduce yourself to these concepts! You don’t have to know it all, just develop a foundation!





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